The Writescast Awards

The first annual Writescast Awards took place on Sunday, March 4th, 2018. Awards were given to exceptional episodes in four categories. You can learn more about each award and the episode that won it below!

Most Listened-to Episode

2017 featured a number of episodes with soaring listen counts, but one episode in particular set the bar that much higher for all others. Not only that, but its sustained listened count will surely have it among the show’s top episodes for time to come.

The winner of this year’s Most Listened-to Episode was episode 023 featuring Barbara Britton!

Writescast Award - Most Listens

Congratulations to Barbara and a huge thank you to her for being on the show.

Host’s Choice Award

With all of the really fantastic conversations that took place over the first year of the writescast, I struggled to pick a favorite episode from among them. Ultimately, however, I had to ask myself which episode presented me personally with the greatest utility while also inspiring me to press on.

The answer to that question, my friends, was episode 008 featuring Meg Gaertner on querying and handling rejection!

Writescast Award - Host's Choice

Congratulations to Meg! I hope her advice on querying is as helpful for you as it was for me! For more from Meg, you can listen to her other writescast episode, which was all about setting and evaluating writerly goals.

Patrons’ Choice Award

Writescast patrons get a number of great perks, one of which is the ability to vote in the Patrons’ Choice Award as part of this annual event. This year, the votes were really spread out, but one episode did just enough to stand above the rest.

And that episode was number 006 featuring Cheryl Muir on branding as an author!

Writescast Award - Patrons' Choice

Congratulations to Cheryl, and be sure to check out her other writescast appearance in episode 028, where she talked ick-free self-promotion.

Listeners’ Choice Award

Over the course of more than a week, you had the chance to vote for your favorite episodes, and one episode absolutely ran away with the votes.

And that episode was 025 featuring Noelle Nichols on self-editing and maintaining momentum.

Writescast Award - Listeners' Choice

Congratulations to Noelle and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the listeners’ choice poll!

I’m looking forward to hosting the second annual writescast awards in March of 2019. In the meantime, write on, write well, and stay up to date with your favorite writing podcast!