Writescast Raconteurs 🏈

It’s 2017, and raising brand awareness is all the rage. That’s why this year I’ve decided to sponsor a football team.

A fantasy football team.

Writescast Raconteurs - Logo
Cue the music from NFL Films

That’s right: prepare yourselves for weekly Writescast Raconteurs recaps, all centered around the “action” inside the illustrious Egg Bake league (seriously, yes, that’s the name of the league).

Every week, I’ll pop off summaries of how things are going, with the idea being to provide updates on how the team is faring, but mostly keep myself writing about lighter topics now and then. It’s good writing exercise, you know?

The first week of the season kicks off on September 7th, 2017, and below you can find the full archive of posts to date. Go, team, go.