Ryan went beyond providing insightful analysis—he gave me insightful analysis I could act on. He took the time to “get” the story at a very fundamental level, and to offer suggestions that were both astute and doable. He made my story better, and he’s on a very short list of people I would trust to do that.

-Jay D. Gregory, author of The Webster Nexus and Cry of the Phoenix

Ryan is one of the most insightful editors I’ve ever encountered. From character tics to world-building, from sentence structure to overarching plot, Ryan always finds a way to improve what’s on the page. Every word matters, and Ryan truly understands how much.

-Dan Schiro, author of Rogue Destiny

I was lucky enough to receive a full developmental edit from Ryan.

His feedback was exactly what I needed: pointing out general areas of the story’s strengths and weakness, as well as the why behind them.

With his insights, I’m looking forward to strengthening my manuscript and making it the best book I can. His enthusiasm and professionalism make for a positive working relationship that I feel confident and comfortable with.

Stefanie Simpson, author of the New City Series@Simpson_Romance

With an uncanny eye for pitfalls, Ryan spotted problematic habits I didn’t even know I had, and his feedback came with a great dose of humor. You can tell he wants your book to be the best it can be, and that he’s on your side all the way. I’m so grateful for his help.

-KJ Milton, @KJMiltonAuthor

Ryan gave me a really thorough critique, above and beyond what I was expecting. His suggestions gave me a fresh look at my draft as I move forward with revisions.

-Mary Anne Hinkle, author of the forthcoming Death of a Bachelor, @SkySongMA

Ryan’s grasp of what makes a good story has provided me with invaluable insight into my own plot mechanics. His feel for solid prose has helped me tighten my work immeasurably.

-Scott Birrenkott@sbirrenkott