Drama, Character, Stakes, and Throughlines featuring Brenda Marie Smith – Writescast 071

Author Brenda Marie Smith joins the show to discuss the interplay between developing character and building drama.


Crafting Villains – Novel Approaches 020

In an episode oddly chockfull of Care Bears and Smurfs, r.r. and Sione tackle the dark side of storytelling. What distinguishes a villain from an antagonist? How can we avoid creating caricatures of evil? Will r.r. ever remember the names of the actors in his favorite shows?


R.R. Campbell on Write Through the Roof!

"There's no Twitter, no email. The coffee is here. The time has come." I'm thrilled to share my appearance on Madeleine D'Este's Write Through the Roof podcast. Write Through the Roof is a podcast that asks writers to share the one thing that took their writing to the next level. With the release of my… Continue reading R.R. Campbell on Write Through the Roof!