Come Find Me in 2020!

It may only be January, but you better believe I've got a number of events already lined up for this new year. So when and where will you be able to find me in person? So far, these are my confirmed appearance dates with links to the events in question. University of Wisconsin Writers' Institute… Continue reading Come Find Me in 2020!

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The Worst Drivers in the Union

They never signal. They pass on the right. They weave in and out of traffic with no regard for their safety or that of others. I'm talking, of course, about drivers from the state of Nevada. Or Georgia. Or Missouri. It really depends on who you ask. One study, in fact, did ask this question,… Continue reading The Worst Drivers in the Union


It’s Time for a (Birthday) Giveaway!

My birthday is almost here. To celebrate, I'm getting you something. My birthday is coming up in October! To say thank you for joining me on this journey, I'm doing a number of giveaways available exclusively to subscribers to my newsletter. Not a subscriber? Sign up before October to be entered in this giveaway! What will you… Continue reading It’s Time for a (Birthday) Giveaway!

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Murder! The Literarily Literal

Kill your darlings, they say. Every writer has at least heard the phrase, and the interpretations of what it really means vary from deleting a favorite phrase to an entire beat or event. Those darlings aren't what we'll focus on in this post, however. Today, we're talking murder---actual, literary murder. In literature as in life, people die. George… Continue reading Murder! The Literarily Literal


EMPATHY Series – June Updates

It hasn't been especially long since I've provided an update on the series, but there have definitely been a few developments in the EMPATHY sci-fi saga, so let's explore! Audiobooks! I'm working on it, trust me. After feedback from a number of people at WisCon in May, it seems there really is a decent demand… Continue reading EMPATHY Series – June Updates


Mourning Dove featured on Velvet Panic

Velvet Panic recently hosted Mourning Dove to commemorate the kick off of book two in the EMPATHY sci-fi saga. Thanks to Velvet Panic for hosting this post! If you still need to get your hands on either of the first two installments in the EMPATHY series, you can find them below. Imminent Dawn Amazon | Barnes & Noble | NineStar Press | Kobo | Smashwords| Goodreads | Author… Continue reading Mourning Dove featured on Velvet Panic


What a Deal! Mourning Dove Paperbacks 40+% Off!

The almighty 'Zon has seen fit to put paperback copies of Mourning Dove on sale for only $10.43. That's more than 40% off the cover price of $17.99! Get in on this deal before it expires here, and don't forget to nab a copy of book one in the series, Imminent Dawn, while you're at it! You can find these… Continue reading What a Deal! Mourning Dove Paperbacks 40+% Off!


Author’s Angle: Mourning Dove and R.R. Campbell on G1NBC

G1NBC of Livingston County, Michigan recently featured me and the EMPATHY series in this interview on their site! Over the course of our conversation, I dive into the challenges I faced while writing Mourning Dove, and what led me to writing in the first place. You can learn all about Mourning Dove and book one in the EMPATHY… Continue reading Author’s Angle: Mourning Dove and R.R. Campbell on G1NBC