Writing Satisfying Endings – Novel Approaches 017

After briefly revisiting prologues and epilogues, co-hosts Sione Aeschliman and r.r. campbell explore the ins and outs of satisfying endings, which, it turns out, are just as much about beginnings as they are anything else.


You weren’t selected for RevPit. Now what?

You weren't selected for RevPit? Me neither. No, seriously, I wasn't---and not because I was an editor as opposed to an entrant. I, too, submitted to the annual RevPit event in April 2017, and, much like you, walked away with nothing. Except that's not true. Not even close to it, in fact. It can be… Continue reading You weren’t selected for RevPit. Now what?


r. r. campbell at WisCon 43 – Schedule Now Available!

We've got a schedule, folks! Plan accordingly. In between tabling throughout the conference, I'll be at WisCon 43 participating in a panel about writing a series, as well as leading two sessions on the craft of writing in general. The full schedule of my time at WisCon is as follows--- Plotting Past Book One (Panel)… Continue reading r. r. campbell at WisCon 43 – Schedule Now Available!


Registration Now Open for 30th Annual Writers’ Institute!

Ready, set, register! The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Division of Continuing Studies in Writing's 30th Annual Writers' Institute has now opened registration for its April 2019 conference. What's the Writers' Institute? The Writers' Institute is the Midwest's premiere writing conference. Every year, it brings in hundreds of attendees from across the country and all corners of… Continue reading Registration Now Open for 30th Annual Writers’ Institute!


Bro, Do You Even Copyedit?

Last Friday, I completed the copyedits for Accounting for it All, which is good news since the book is now out in less than a month! This round of edits was especially grueling, both because copyedits require a sharp look at the text itself, and also because of the timeline on which they had to be… Continue reading Bro, Do You Even Copyedit?


Murder! The Literarily Literal

Kill your darlings, they say. Every writer has at least heard the phrase, and the interpretations of what it really means vary from deleting a favorite phrase to an entire beat or event. Those darlings aren't what bring me here today, however. Today we talk about murder--actual, literary murder. In literature as in life, people die. I can't… Continue reading Murder! The Literarily Literal