Crafting Villains – Novel Approaches 020

In an episode oddly chockfull of Care Bears and Smurfs, r.r. and Sione tackle the dark side of storytelling. What distinguishes a villain from an antagonist? How can we avoid creating caricatures of evil? Will r.r. ever remember the names of the actors in his favorite shows?


So You’re Planning a Book Launch Party…

Note: a more in-depth version of this material is available as a podcast. To listen instead, click here. On the heels of hosting my own book launch party for Accounting for It All, I thought I'd pass along some bullet point advice you might take into consideration when planning a launch party of your own. With that… Continue reading So You’re Planning a Book Launch Party…


Bro, Do You Even Copyedit?

Last Friday, I completed the copyedits for Accounting for it All, which is good news since the book is now out in less than a month! This round of edits was especially grueling, both because copyedits require a sharp look at the text itself, and also because of the timeline on which they had to be… Continue reading Bro, Do You Even Copyedit?