Imminent Dawn Now 50% Off!

That's right! From now through March 9th, Imminent Dawn ebooks are 50% off on Smashwords. That means you can start reading the story New York Times bestselling author Matt Forbeck as called "an incisive techno-thriller that gets more tense with every page" today for only $3.50 when you order through Smashwords. This deal is only available through March 9th,… Continue reading Imminent Dawn Now 50% Off!


Happy Book Birthday to Imminent Dawn!

Four people. One study. The internet-access brain implant to bind or destroy them all. Oh, and one awesome book birthday! Today's the day: Imminent Dawn is now available worldwide. And, as the first installment in the epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga, you'll want to get reading it now so you're prepared when book two, Mourning Dove, drops later this year. What… Continue reading Happy Book Birthday to Imminent Dawn!