The Quest for Empathy – Just Me 006

It's a long road to self-actualization. Sometimes we falter, fail, or flounder, and we have to be okay with that. I'm trying to be, anyway. What is it they say, again? Right. "An attempt was made." We just do better next time.

Let the Wheels Spin – Just Me 004

A rambling, disconnected episode proves to be anything but when, in its final moments, we realize that the best advice for uncertain times was right in front of us all along. Topics discussed include: COVID-19, cultivating community, facing uncertainty, permission for self care

Friendship! Fun! – Just Me 003

What does it even mean to be friends? What is "fun," exactly? R.R. Campbell explores the nature of both (and more!) in this positivity-driven episode. Topics discussed: "don't call it special," DND, soccer, Spongebob(?)

Trailer – Just Me with R.R. Campbell

Grief. Joy. Identity. Friendship. In an era of clickbait and lifehacks and listicles, these topics may not be nabbing headlines, but they’re critically important: important to understanding the people we’ve been, the people we are, and the people we might become.


This Saturday: r. r. campbell at Turtle Creek Books, Beloit

Don't forget---I'll be in Beloit this Saturday at Turtle Creek Books to talk all things sci-fi and read from Imminent Dawn and Mourning Dove, the first two installments in my EMPATHY sci-fi saga! You can learn more below. Timed perfectly to coincide with Beloit’s first farmer’s market of the year, author r. r. campbell will be signing and… Continue reading This Saturday: r. r. campbell at Turtle Creek Books, Beloit


Thank You! Launch Day Livestream Success

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who was able to tune into either of yesterday's livestreams on Facebook and Twitter. I had a great time sharing excerpts from Imminent Dawn and Mourning Dove with everyone, and viewers had some great questions during the Facebook livestream in particular. If you weren't able to watch live, I've got… Continue reading Thank You! Launch Day Livestream Success


Mourning Dove (EMPATHY #2) Now Available!

On the release day of book two in the EMPATHY series, I thought I'd look back on what went into writing it and thank those of you who helped bring Mourning Dove into the world. From the book's acknowledgements--- It is strange to have written this book. After having written Imminent Dawn over the course of five… Continue reading Mourning Dove (EMPATHY #2) Now Available!