Reckonings on Race in Publishing – Just Me 018

In the aftermath of the most recent conversations about the appropriation of marginalized voices in the publishing industry, I explore what white authors might do to avoid problematic or harmful depictions in their work, or to avoid appropriating the stories of others altogether. To do so, I explore my own journey and possible missteps.


Let’s Talk Querying!

Querying. The word alone is enough to have some writers retreating into their shells, but to those outside the writing community, it's a topic with which few have any familiarity. So let's talk querying today---not the hows, per se, but the what, the why, and how it's going in my own querying journey for the… Continue reading Let’s Talk Querying!

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This Fall: UW Course with R.R. Campbell

I'm honored to formally announce I'll be teaching a class this fall through the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Division of Continuing Studies in Writing Department. I've been an attendee of the department's conferences and seminars since graduating from the university in 2012, and to now be in a position to empower other writers in the same… Continue reading This Fall: UW Course with R.R. Campbell


Royalties Day is the Worst Day

Admit it. You're here for the headline. How could anyone ever be upset about getting paid to write? About getting checks (PayPal deposits) by (e)mail to compensate them for their work, their time spent, their art? I'll answer those questions, don't you worry, but first---an exercise. Your book is published (yay!), and everyone on social… Continue reading Royalties Day is the Worst Day


New Release Date for EMPATHY: Mourning Dove

If you thought the turnaround time between the release of Imminent Dawn and Mourning Dove might've had things moving at breakneck speed, you're not alone. And, in the interest of keeping necks everywhere intact, we'll be pushing back the release date of Mourning Dove by three weeks to April 29, 2019. Disappointed you'll have to wait three more weeks? Don't be.… Continue reading New Release Date for EMPATHY: Mourning Dove


Author H.A. Lynn Hosts Imminent Dawn

Fellow author H.A. Lynn was kind enough to host a post about the evolution of Imminent Dawn over on her website! In it, I explore my relationship to the story as if it were, well, an actual relationship. Here's a fun teaser quote from the article for you. After breaking things off with The One That Wasn’t,… Continue reading Author H.A. Lynn Hosts Imminent Dawn