Reckonings on Race in Publishing – Just Me 018

In the aftermath of the most recent conversations about the appropriation of marginalized voices in the publishing industry, I explore what white authors might do to avoid problematic or harmful depictions in their work, or to avoid appropriating the stories of others altogether. To do so, I explore my own journey and possible missteps.


Author H.A. Lynn Hosts Imminent Dawn

Fellow author H.A. Lynn was kind enough to host a post about the evolution of Imminent Dawn over on her website! In it, I explore my relationship to the story as if it were, well, an actual relationship. Here's a fun teaser quote from the article for you. After breaking things off with The One That Wasn’t,… Continue reading Author H.A. Lynn Hosts Imminent Dawn


It’s Okay to Take a Break (I Promise)

Between soccer injuries, car wrecks, getting married, and signing my first two publishing contracts, 2018 has been a heck of a year. Throughout it all, I've viewed my daily writing time as one of the only constants in which I could find solace, one of the only things around which I could center myself to… Continue reading It’s Okay to Take a Break (I Promise)