It’s Over, I Guess.

This is a look of disbelief from a man who fails to understand how it's over. This morning, apparently, I finished the first draft of a new manuscript, SCAMBAIT, and I remain skeptical that I have, in fact, typed THE END. My skepticism is well founded: I started writing this one on February 28th. That's… Continue reading It’s Over, I Guess.

The DIY MFA with Gabriela Pereira – Writescast 081

Not everyone has the means to enroll in a Master of Fine Arts program. The good news? Gabriela Pereira is challenging the status quo of higher education with DIY MFA, which encourages writers to write with focus, read with purpose, and build their community—all on their own time and from the comfort of their own home.


You weren’t selected for RevPit. Now what?

You weren't selected for RevPit? Me neither. No, seriously, I wasn't---and not because I was an editor as opposed to an entrant. I, too, submitted to the annual RevPit event in April 2017, and, much like you, walked away with nothing. Except that's not true. Not even close to it, in fact. It can be… Continue reading You weren’t selected for RevPit. Now what?