It’s not always words on the page at rrcampbellwrites.com. Every first and third Friday of the month, I’ll also have podcast episodes featuring interviews with other writers, agents, or editors. So pop in the headphones or turn up the speakers, it’s time for the r. r. campbell writescast!

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Episode 09 – Kristin Oakley and the Hybrid Publishing Process

Kristin A. Oakley
Kristin A. Oakley

For this episode of the writescast, Kristin A. Oakley joined me to define and discuss the hybrid publishing process. It’s not quite traditional, and it’s not really self-pub, either. How does that work, you ask? You’ll have to listen to her interview to find out!

Listen to this episode here.


Episode 08 – Meg Gaertner – Managing the Query Process and Handling Rejection

Meg Gaertner

For this writescast episode, Meg Gaertner spoke with me about how to manage the query process, and how we as writers can keep our heads above the water when waves of rejection notices come crashing down.

Listen to this episode here.


Episode 07 – Mary Anne Hinkle – Proofreading, Editing, and the Publication Process

Mary Anne Hinkle

This episode of the writescast features freelance proofreader Mary Anne Hinkle, who joined me to talk about the differences between proofreading and editing, the publication process, and how writers have to be ready to divorce themselves emotionally from their manuscripts when seeking the help of an editor.

Listen to this episode here.

Episode 06 – Cheryl J. Muir – Developing a Brand as an Author

Cheryl J. Muir

For this episode of the writescast, author and PR guru Cheryl J. Muir joined me for a conversation on developing a brand as an author. In it, she covers topics including the know-like-trust factor, navigating social media, and creating a digital image that balances who you are as a person with who you are as a professional.

Listen to this episode here.

Episode 05 – Josh Springs – Young Adult Literature

Josh Springs

Back in January, Young Adult writer Josh Springs joined me for a conversation on YA in general, why it’s important it be written and read, and things you should never say to a writer of Young Adult or Middle Grade fiction–or anyone, really. Be nice to each other. You can listen to the full conversation below.

Listen to this episode here.

Episode 04 – James Wymore – Acquisitions Strategies and Content-rating Systems

James Wymore

For this edition, I had the opportunity to interview James Wymore of Immortal Works on their acquisitions philosophy, explicit content in literature and film, book rating systems, and what we can expect from Immortal Works in 2017.

Listen to this episode here.

Episode 03 – Dylan Davis – Flash Fiction, Writer Fear, Publishing Tips

Dylan Davis

For this episode of the r. r. campbell writescast, author Dylan Davis joined me by phone to discuss flash fiction, overcoming “writer fear,” and tips for submitting short-form fiction to literary magazines. He also reads his flash piece “Detach,” published in Fiction International in 2015.

Listen to this episode here.

Episode 02 – Writing Conferences and Writer’s Block

r. r. campbell

In this episode, I take on the topics of writing conferences, writer’s block, and what to expect from the blog going forward.


Listen to this episode here.

Episode 01 – Dan Schiro – Writing Action Scenes

dan schiro.png
Dan Schiro

For the first-ever episode of the r. r. campbell writescast, I sat down with Dan Schiro, author of Rogue Destiny to talk about action scenes. Using examples from Star Wars, the James Bond franchise, 2001: A Space Odyssey and more, this episode focuses on the importance of verisimilitude, character, and setting when creating high-flying action scenes. Enjoy!

Listen to this episode here.