Catharsis or Something – Just Me 007

This episode endeavors to be the tock to last week's tick, a free-wheeling counterbalance to a more planned affair. Topics discussed include: catharsis, relatability corner, The Big Lebowski but with a pet iguana instead of a rug, control and knowing when to cede it

Big News!

Writescast Network founder r.r. campbell shares some of the exciting developments the Writescast Network community will have to look forward to in the coming months and years.

The Quest for Empathy – Just Me 006

It's a long road to self-actualization. Sometimes we falter, fail, or flounder, and we have to be okay with that. I'm trying to be, anyway. What is it they say, again? Right. "An attempt was made." We just do better next time.

Reclamation, Rebirth – Just Me 005

The word of the day is "inspired," and we use it to stake several claims that will lead us down paths of reclamation, rebirth, and a better understanding of one's self. Topics discussed include: YouTube livestreams, music, Breath of the Wild, embracing what brings us joy

Let the Wheels Spin – Just Me 004

A rambling, disconnected episode proves to be anything but when, in its final moments, we realize that the best advice for uncertain times was right in front of us all along. Topics discussed include: COVID-19, cultivating community, facing uncertainty, permission for self care

Friendship! Fun! – Just Me 003

What does it even mean to be friends? What is "fun," exactly? R.R. Campbell explores the nature of both (and more!) in this positivity-driven episode. Topics discussed: "don't call it special," DND, soccer, Spongebob(?)