Editing Services: Personal Writing Coach

Are you ready to put your manuscript through a serious, never-skip-leg-day training regimen? Want a personal writing coach at your side to cheer you on? Then this highly interactiveteam-based editing approach is for you.

When you hire me as your personal writing coach, we’ll tackle your manuscript three chapters at a time. Here’s how it works.

Pre-season Meeting

Before diving into your pages, we’ll have up to an hour meeting by Zoom or Skype to better get to know one another and discuss your vision for your manuscript.

Regular Season: Weeks 1 – ???

Every week, I’ll edit three chapters of your manuscript in-depth, including in-line comments on the below as necessary.

  • Structure
    • Plot
    • Sentence
  • Character
    • Consistency
    • Depth
  • Awkward or unnatural phrasing
  • Shows versus tells
  • Suggested rephrasings
  • Dialogue and dialogue tags
  • Voice
  • Balance
    • Immediate scenes versus narrative summary
    • Proportion in character, world building, and plot
  • Almost anything you can find in my Write With Me series!

At the end of every week, we’ll meet for an hour via Zoom or Skype to discuss these comments and prepare for the following week’s edits.

We then advance to your next three chapters and repeat this process every week until we’ve edited our way to your manuscript’s final page.


At the conclusion of the regular season, we’ll have a meeting by Zoom or Skype to discuss your manuscript as a whole.


It’s time… for victory (and, fingers-crossed, publication)!

In the championship round, we’ll take two passes at creating your query letter and two-page synopsis to prepare you for the query process.

It’s time to take the field, but you don’t need to take it alone.
Let’s start training together today. Click here for an editing sample of your first ten pages and a personal writing coach quote.

Please note I offer affordable week-by-week payment plans for this option.

Not sure you’re ready for the big leagues?

That’s okay! All things come in time. Maybe one of the below options is a better fit for now. Click on any option below for more information.

query & first five pages.

nifty fifty.

developmental edits.

All payment to be submitted via PayPal.