Editing Services: Nifty Fifty

The Nifty Fifty service includes an assessment of your first fifty pages and features a full analysis of:

  • three to five strengths
  • three to five opportunities for strengthening
  • comments on style and prose mechanics

Aside from this report, we’ll discuss the feedback in a half hour conversation conducted via Zoom or Skype (a $30 value included here for free!). This will be your chance to ask questions, and for the two of us to bounce ideas off of each another for what might come next.

All of this is included in the Nifty Fifty service at the best-value price of $100.*

Please note that the Nifty Fifty service does not include in-line comments.

Let’s take your first fifty pages to the next level.
Take the first step toward leveling-up by getting a sample edit of your first ten pages here.

Looking for something a little different?

Check out the Query & First Five Pages, Developmental Editing, or Personal Writing Coach options below by clicking on the editing package you’re most interested in.

query & first five pages.

developmental edits.

personal writing coach.

*Any writer who begins with the Nifty Fifty service but later proceeds with either the Developmental Editing or Personal Writing Coach options will be billed in accordance with their newly selected level of service plus a $20 flat fee.

All payment to be submitted via PayPal.