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Services Offered

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Everyone needs an extra set of eyes on their work from time to time, and I’m more than willing to be those eyes for you.

As an editor, I love working with the below genres:

  • Thrillers
  • Suspense
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Speculative Fiction

Even if your genre isn’t listed above, feel free to reach out. If you’ve got a premise full of promise, I still may be able to assist.

The details of the services I offer can be found by clicking on each image above. If you’re still not sure which level might be right for you after reading about them, get in touch and we can discuss what may work best. And, of course, I’m always available for free consultation on your manuscript’s first ten pages.*

*Any writer who takes advantage of the free consultation but ultimately elects to proceed with a billable service will be charged for the work done on the first ten pages in accordance with the level of service selected. If a writer receives a consultation but ultimately decides against another level of service, no fee will be charged.

Please note that all prices are in USD. All payment to be submitted via PayPal.