Editing Services: Developmental Edit

If you’re ready for a full or partial review of your manuscript that includes and goes beyond the first fifty pages, then a developmental edit is what you’re looking for.

My developmental editing service includes a page-by-page analysis of your manuscript’s strengths, opportunities for strengthening, and comments on style and prose mechanics.

Specifically, the analysis will focus on:

Aside from this analysis, we’ll discuss the feedback in an hour conversation conducted via Zoom or Skype (a $50 value included here for free!). This will be your chance to ask questions, and for the two of us to bounce ideas off of each another for what might come next. We’ll work on untying plot knots, enriching character, and sharpening theme—along with anything else you might like to discuss.

I’m ready to help turn your manuscript up a notch. Let’s crank it up to eleven.

Contact me here for a sample edit of your first ten pages and a developmental editing quote.

Please note that developmental edits do not include copyedits or proofreading.


Here’s what developmental edits client Tara Ruff had to say about working with me on her manuscript for In the Absence of Sounds.

As if that wasn’t enough, client Maria Calidonna had this to say:

And here’s Ann Dayleview talking about how working with an editor (yours truly) helped her land her agent!

Ready for an intensive take on your full manuscript?
Contact me here for a sample edit of your first ten pages and a developmental editing quote.

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