Current Projects

Below you can find a list of my current projects.

Accounting for it All

When porn-star-turned-accountant Robin Whethers is hit with an IRS audit of a money laundering scheme to which she had no idea she was a part, she figures things can’t get any worse: she has no real accounting knowledge, after all.

Still, somehow this becomes the least of her problems.

Hanging over her is the impending death of her terminally ill mother to whom Robin is estranged. Then there’s the accounting instructor she enlists to help her survive the audit: it turns out he’s only doing so to try and get in her pants. That on its own would be enough of a complication, but of course Robin struggles to divorce herself from her own blossoming feelings for him.

Oh, and the woman Robin considers to be the love of her life? She’s back in town, finally ready to try and make things work.

Robin might’ve thought she could confront her greatest challenge by learning to juggle numbers, but if she’s to ever be whole, she’ll have to learn how to juggle much more than that… before she winds up in jail, her mother passes, and the woman she loves disappears from her life once more.

EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn

With her wife Kyra locked away in a coma, art-school dropout Chandra would do anything to apologize for her role in Kyra’s accident—even enroll in a risky trial for an internet-access brain implant.

After months of unsuccessful installs, Chandra becomes the first for whom this technology takes. In light of this success, the lead scientist behind the EMPATHY nanochip asks Chandra to become the face of EMPATHY once it goes public. Chandra accepts on one condition: that the research team ensures she’ll be able to use the implant to speak with her wife. Free installs for immediate family members are one of the perks of enrollment, after all.

The research progresses, but the study takes a sinister turn when the implant causes dozens of patients to seize and mysteriously disappear. Trapped in the research compound, Chandra must team up with an amateur programmer and a study administrator to save EMPATHY from itself… before she disappears like the others, never to see Kyra again.