Two people. One team.

That’s the guiding principle behind my coaching services. I’ll never tell you your concept needs work or that your pages are sagging or that your characters’ presentations would benefit from this or that.

Instead, I emphasize the our.2020 Author Photo Square

In my almost ten years as a book coach, I’ve learned that the struggles and triumphs that fuel our drive for story are shared and universal, that when our words hit the page, they’re no longer ours alone; they belong to the reader now, too, and the best way to ensure we connect with them is to embrace the concept of us wholeheartedly.

Simply put, you, me, the reader—we’re all in this together, and when you work with me as your personal writing coach, that will become all the more true.

Who I Am

Author. Coach. Community Builder.

As a cross-genre author, I understand the unique challenges that come with reaching distinct readerships. I know, too, how inspiring it can be to know there’s a story worth telling—and how keenly frustrating it can be to not have the faintest idea how to proceed.

In my time as a writing coach—whether as a freelancer or for the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Continuing Studies in Writing—I’ve connected with thousands of writers across the globe, and I’ve learned every one of them has a story to tell—and that those stories extend beyond the pages of their manuscripts.

This is why I created the Writescast Network, a podcast collective that’s been helping creatives worldwide become more confident in themselves and in their craft since 2016. And to this day, that collective and its community continue to grow, reaching thousands of listeners every month.

What I Do

I help writers become their best creative selves, one day and one word at a time.

My experience as a writer, a teacher, and a cultivator of community has led me to understand how I can fulfill my mission to help my clients become their best creative selves, one day and one word at a time.

Through personalized coaching, developmental manuscript evaluations, and submissions package critiques, I work alongside you to unmuddle metaphors, to untie plot knots, to brainstorm and to be your best you.

Oh, and we’ll make your story its best self, too.

Who You Are

You’re a writer like Lisa Brideau, whose upmarket suspense manuscript attracted an agent within months of working with me intensively.

You’re an author like Dan Schiro, Jay D. Gregory, or Stefanie Simpson, whose self-published novels are thrilling readers of sci-fi, speculative fiction, and romance worldwide every day.

You’re like one of the dozens of writers with whom I’ve worked to polish their submissions packages.

Or maybe you’re like one of the countless writers with whom I’ve collaborated to supercharge their ideas and turn them into full-fledged concepts.

No matter who you might be, however, I’ll never know for sure unless you tell me.

So please—fill out the form below and tell me a little bit more about yourself and your work.

One day at a time.
One word at a time.
Let’s do this.

Update, September 2020: Due to ongoing writing-related commitments, I have suspended my coaching services indefinitely.

Thanks for welcoming me to your writerly journey. I’ll be in touch soon.