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Murder! The Literarily Literal

Kill your darlings, they say. Every writer has at least heard the phrase, and the interpretations of what it really means vary from deleting a favorite phrase to an entire beat or event. Those darlings aren't what we'll focus on in this post, however. Today, we're talking murder---actual, literary murder. In literature as in life, people die. George… Continue reading Murder! The Literarily Literal

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You’ve Finished Your First Manuscript. Now what?

This post is part of the Write With Me series. For more like this, check out the writing your novel page. First of all, congratulations! There are so many people who take on the challenge of writing a novel, only to constantly start over or abandon the project entirely. If you've made it start to finish, you're… Continue reading You’ve Finished Your First Manuscript. Now what?

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Five Ways to Turn Up the Tension

When you're a writer, it's you against the world. It takes only one email, text, or pot of boiling-over stew to distract a reader from your work. So how can a writer keep readers' noses buried deep in the space between pages (and also ruin their dinner)?The answer to that, my friends, is tension.So how… Continue reading Five Ways to Turn Up the Tension