About Me

You can call me Ryan.

I’m an author, editor, and the founder of The Writescast Network, a podcast collective for writers, by writers.

Though I’m originally from the Milwaukee area, for the last decade I’ve been in Madison, Wisconsin, where I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an honors degree in linguistics in 2012.

A speaker of Spanish, Portuguese, and some German, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel through Europe and parts of South America, where I consider Brazil a bit of a home away from home. Though I’m always looking for more opportunities to travel internationally, I’ll never say no to a fresh domestic trip either.

When I’m not reading, writing, or researching for my next novel, I’m likely re-binge-watching one of my favorite series on Netflix or HBO, playing Super Mario Kart on my SNES, or paying a visit to the links via Wii golf.

I daylight as a procurement assistant, but my mind is often on my writing or how nice it will be to curl up at home later with my wife and our cats, Hashtag and Rhaegar.

My first science fiction novel, Imminent Dawn, debuted at number one for LGBT science fiction on Amazon, and my contemporary fiction novel, Accounting For It All, is now available as an eBook and in print from most major retailers. You can learn more about those novels here.

To date, I have also been published in Five:2:One Magazine‘s #thesideshow, with Erotic Review (NSFW, 18+), and National Journal Writing Month. My short story, “Wool,” has been used in a Madison, Wisconsin-area school to teach symbolism to middle-school students.

I was also invited to participate as an editor in the #RevPit #10queries event in February 2018, and the full RevPit event in spring 2018, and am an invited speaker for the 30th annual University of Wisconsin Writers’ Institute. I will also be leading a session at the AllWriters’ Workshop Celebrity Saturday event in July 2019.

If you want to reach out, you can find me on Twitter or email me through my contact page.