Next Week: Imminent Dawn Character Reveal

We’re now only 46 days from the release of Imminent Dawn, and beginning next week at empathynovel.com, you’ll get to meet its four main characters face to face—so to speak.

Starting on Monday, December 17th, you’ll be introduced to the epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga’s art-school dropout protagonist, along with the ruthless tech magnate, the advancement-hungry administrative assistant, and the relentless investigative journalist who form the foundation of the first installment in the series.

So join me at empathynovel.com from December 17th and every day through December 21st, the date on which we’ll get to see every perspective character side-by-side.

Thanks in advance to artist Maggie Derrick for bringing these characters to life. To take a look at the work she did for my debut novel, Accounting for It All, you can find that here. More from her portfolio can be found at this address.

Thanks for reading. We’ll see you next week at empathynovel.com.

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