The First Writescast Stickers Have Found a Home!

It’s an exciting day for the writescast! One of the show’s first patrons, Brianna Kienitz, has just received her awesome writescast sticker for becoming a friend of the show over at the writescast Patreon. She even found it a nice home!

A big thank you to Brianna for supporting the show. Be sure to support her and her debut novel,Β Off Pitch, coming soon from Ninestar Press!

Want your own writescast sticker or the ability to directly influence future topics of the show? You can earn rewards like these—and help unlock more episodes of the writescast each month—with a contribution of even $1 per episode over at the writescast Patreon.

Don’t wait! Get in on the ground level and cash in on these rewards now to have as much influence as possible once the first listeners’ choice polls go live!

Thanks for reading. Write on and write well.

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