The EMPATHY Series


Art-school dropout Chandra would do anything to apologize for her role in her wife’s comaincluding enroll in the first round of human trials for an internet-access brain implant.

At first, the secretive research compound is paradise, but when a dark wave of uncertainty crashes down on the compound, Chandra is forced to become an unlikely but pivotal player in conspiracies stretching from the highest levels of the North American Union government to the lowest dredges of its shadowy hacking collectives.

A twistedly delightful clockwork of intrigue and suspense, EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn is an electrifying sci-fi debut from author r. r. campbell.

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The follow-up to the much-lauded Imminent Dawn, Mourning Dove features the emergence of old foes and new, further pitting against spouse, brother against sister, and governments against their people. In the end, all must choose between attempts to reclaim the past or surrender to the inevitable, an intractable world of their own creation.

Mourning Dove is an evocative, sweeping symphony of love, revenge, and desperation in cacophonous times.

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Contemporary Fiction & Romance


Former porn-star Robin Whethers has skated by as Pornucopia’s do-nothing accountant for years. And who can blame her? Her supervisor has only encouraged her dillydallying, and it’s given her oodles of time to do what she loves most: coach the talent at her mentor’s all-female pornography studio.

But then the IRS comes knocking. With her supervisor unable to bail her out, Robin can either come clean and risk her friendships and career, or buck up and find another way to skirt the system.

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r. r. campbell is an author, editor, and the founder of the Writescast Network.


Imminent Dawn, Mourning Dove, and Accounting for It All are now available!


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